NetEnt Online Casinos

A NetEnt casino refers to a provider of online games of chance who primarily specializes in casino games from NetEnt. In this list the Casino Professor shows you the best NetEnt casinos. NetEnt has long been better known as Net Entertainment. Because the company looks back on a long and eventful company history. We will of course go into more detail below. What this teaches us, however, is that you should never give up on your goals. Because NetEnt was even supposed to be sold for free at one point – nobody wanted it. NetEnt is now on the online casino marketfirmly anchored and is one of the most sought-after developers of slot machines and other casino games. You can find a special bonus in NetEnt casinos on our casino bonus page.

NetEnt casinos have been around since 2000

NetEnt was founded back in 1996. The Internet was still very much in its infancy and was more of a hobbyist technology than the indispensable network it is today. The Swede Per Eriksson and three employees set out to develop games of chance for the Internet. This went badly wrong. After all, at that time there were neither many internet users nor state gaming licenses.

In 2000 – actually a boom year – Net Entertainment was close to the end. The founders even offered the software company for sale at that time. The price? Free. A happy turning point in retrospect ensured that no one wanted NetEnt. Not a gift myself. And instead of liquidating the company, it was decided to try one last time. In the same year, the first five online casinos started with software from NetEnt. And this should make for the happy turn.

The three employees have now grown to over a thousand. And the five online casinos that offer NetEnt games have risen to an impressive 200+. Every online casino that thinks something of itself now offers games from NetEnt. The reason for NetEnt’s success was a new business concept. Because in the last millennium it was not yet common for online casinos to have games from different providers in their portfolio. And when they did, they bought the respective slot machines, just like in a land-based casino.

NetEnt is changing the online casino market

Rather, every online casino was doing its own thing at that time. With limited games from their own hands and thus a fundamental problem of trust. NetEnt changed that. The deal was clear: casinos are allowed to offer the games from NetEnt and in return give part of the winnings on the respective slot machine to the developer. This principle, which has now been applied everywhere, provided some advantages.

Because now it was the case that the slot machines themselves were in competition with one another. Casinos no longer had to make sure that they only offer popular slots. Instead, they could offer a wide range of slot machines. And the developers of the most popular and best slot machines earned the most.

This in turn ensured that the developers made a point of developing particularly attractive slot machines. 3D graphics, profitable free spins and high payout rates became more and more important. But also licenses. Who wouldn’t want to play a slot machine based on the theme of the famous movie classic Jumanji, for example?

NetEnt slots are among the most popular in the world

Overall, the NetEnt slots are among the most popular games in every online casino today. Millions of players love the Swedish company’s titles because they always deliver a high quality gaming experience. Above all, the unusual themes and the always excellent graphics ensure that every NetEnt slot feels more like a video game than an ordinary slot machine.

The features of the NetEnt games also contribute enormously to the fun. The company’s titles have always had some of the most funky and fun features that can be found in a video slot.

A good example is the classic Twin Spin. A unique game system is used in this machine. At least two reels are automatically paired with each spin, which means that they contain exactly the same symbols. And it gets even better, because every now and then three, four or even all five reels are paired. In these cases, profits are pre-programmed.

All of these things add up to top-notch slot machines that players love to play over and over again. Because of these titles, a NetEnt casino is very popular with players because it mainly offers high-quality slot machines and casino games.